Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny #14- "Tall Ears in a Car"


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6.25 inch tall hollow molded novelty.

Product Description

The commute from Conrad's to Easter baskets always varies, so this chocolate bunny hopped into his sweet ride to get there a little faster. Thanks to the sugar rush he gets from being made out of our tasty chocolate, not even rush hour traffic will slow him down!

Additional Information

SKU eas_mldnov_e14_milk
Bullet Point 1 6.25'' tall
Bullet Point 2 Weighs approximately 5 oz
Bullet Point 3 Made from 36% cocoa content gourmet milk chocolate
Bullet Point 4 Hand molded and decorated hollow chocolate Easter Bunny
Bullet Point 5 Hand Crafted, Small Batch Gourmet Chocolates made in the USA since 1928