Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny # 30 - "Sitter w/ Basket"


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8 inch tall hollow molded novelty.

Product Description

Many years ago, a competition was held between the bunnies of Conrad's to see who could hold an egg the best. In the final round, only two bunnies were left--one wearing a green hat and one wearing an orange hat. While the bunny in green held onto the egg with strength, the orange-wearing bunny got too tired and sat down, dropping the egg. The losing bunny was given the nickname "Sitter" and can be seen practicing holding eggs to this day.

Additional Information

SKU eas_mldnov_e30_milk
Bullet Point 1 8'' tall
Bullet Point 2 Weighs approximately 8 oz
Bullet Point 3 Made from 36% cocoa content gourmet milk chocolate
Bullet Point 4 Hand molded and decorated hollow chocolate Easter Bunny
Bullet Point 5 Hand Crafted, Small Batch Gourmet Chocolates made in the USA since 1928