Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny # 52 - "Large Fred's Favorite"


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12.5 inch tall hollow molded novelty.

Product Description

The bigger the better! Large Fred's Favorite got its name from the founder of Conrad's Candy, Fred Conrad. As a chocolatier, Fred molded the chocolate that gave Conrad's its homemade name and this bunny just happened to be his favorite! Standing 1.5 inches taller than the standard Fred Favorite, he's big enough to share with the whole family.

Additional Information

SKU eas_mldnov_e52_milk
Bullet Point 1 12.5'' tall
Bullet Point 2 Weighs approximately 1.125 lbs
Bullet Point 3 Made from 36% cocoa content gourmet milk chocolate
Bullet Point 4 Hand molded and decorated hollow chocolate Easter Bunny
Bullet Point 5 Hand Crafted, Small Batch Gourmet Chocolates made in the USA since 1928